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COVID-19 Announcement: In line with the government’s push to minimise movement and face-to-face interaction outside the family home, The Lime Zone has suspended live face-to-face tutoring and instead has moved to doing all sessions online using Zoom.  To partipate, customers will require a reasonably good Internet connection and a working set up headphones with microphone ideally tested with Zoom before commencing their first session. A working webcam would also be beneficial. To test your equipment with Zoom, you can go to and set up a ‘free’ account.

Also, Michelle will be looking at what other offerings she can do to help parents navigate the home schooling arena.  Some ideas may include running:

  1. an online version of her group times tables class for students (years 3 to 6 tend to be the sweet spot), and
  2. some Zoom sessions targetted at parents to give them a refresher course in fractions, algebra, geometry, etc. (these would be separate courses which give a good overview of each topic).

If you are interested in any of the above or looking for something specific, fill out the form below. Michelle is technically quite savvy and is able to teach literacy and numeracy up to year ten level comfortably.

One-on-one tuition in maths, English, etc.

One-on-one Tuition

Subject to availability, Michelle offers one-on-one tuition in numeracy and/or literacy ($75 per hour) for grades from 1 to 10.

School Holiday Programmes

From time to time we offer art, craft and/or technology classes during the school holidays. We can also offer one-on-one tuition in literacy and numeracy.

Times Tables Master Class

With our three-step method, most students will at least double their times tables recall by the end of our eight session master class.

Adult Literacy and Numeracy

With experience helping adults improve their literacy and numeracy we can help you achieve new life goals through one-on-one tuition.


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