After School Homework Club / Shared Tuition Service

We offer after school homework (or areas of need) help with tuition targeting students of all abilities in the middle years (grades 2 through to 10) of their schooling.  Because we do our homework club tuition using shared tutor/s, the service works best with students who can work independently and who don’t have major learning difficulties. (Homework help Brisbane.)

Although we call it the ‘homework club’, the service can be used to do work other than homework such as extra English or extra maths.  If parents are using it in this fashion we encourage them to speak to the child’s teacher and then purchase some appropriate work books that will aid the specific area/s of learning.

Some parents combine both these options; finishing off homework before doing some extra work in specific subject area/s.

Our homework club/help appeals to parents who are sick of arguing with their kids when it comes to helping with homework. It also appeals to those parents seeking a practical alternative to outside hours care; especially where students who have outgrown such care. If a child does not have any regular weekly homework, we will set them some other work to complete based on their known strengths and weaknesses. The homework club is beneficial in that it enables a good homework routine.

NOTE:  We can also mix and match the homework club/help. Your child can opt to do a one-on-one session for an hour (subject to tutor availability) which starts at $60 for the session and do the rest of the time that afternoon in the homework club for $20 (from $80 depending on tutors).

Cost for our homework help Brisbane service / after school homework club:

It is $40 per afternoon session for the term or balance of the term or $45 per session walk-in (only if space is available).

Session times:  Monday to Thursday – 3:15 pm until 5:45 pm – maximum of 2.5 hours but many people either arrive a little late or leave a little earlier depending on other activities or where the student is coming from. For example, we have or had students getting off buses and coming from Grammar, Nudgee and BBC. They tend to arrive between 3:45 and 4:00 pm.

To maintain a standard of high quality we will endeavour to have one trained teacher on at all times.  We will have either university students and/or high achiever school students supplementing this teacher .

So that it is not all ‘work’ oriented, we offer light entertainment activities to keep the students happy and enjoying their stay. We encourage parents to understand that their child’s capacity to work through the afternoon will depend on a number of factors (ie. late nights, sports days, camps, etc.) and when we see a child ‘flagging’ we will move them to more ‘fun’ and ‘recreational’ activities.

Although we wish it wasn’t necessary, because we have to pay our staff, any late collections will incur a $10 charge per student per 15 minute block (or part there-of) late fee.

Please read our After School Tuition Frequently Asked Questions page for further information. If you want your child to have access to our laptops and/or the Internet, please print and complete our Computer Network and Internet Access Policy and bring it to The Lime Zone at the start of one of their tuition sessions.

One free trial per family is available for those who are unsure about whether the service will meet the needs of their child. Call Michelle if you wish to take up the offer of a free trial. The shop number is 3262 5937 and her mobile is 0417 916 529.

* Prices are subject to change.
** Our term length is sometimes slightly different from the Queensland state school terms. Please check term times closely.


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