Cancellation, Attendance and Refund Policy – The Lime Zone

The Lime Zone does not offer refunds on its services unless you cancel your booking at least seven days prior to the commencement of that service.  A service commences when the first time slot or day related to that service begins.

Attendance policy for one-on-one tuition and/or the homework club

  1. If you provide less than 24 hours notice of an inability to attend a session, you will forfeit your session as the tutor/s still have to be paid.
  2. If you provide more than 24 hours notice of an inability to attend a session and the tutor is able to re-schedule at a mutually agreeable time, the session is not forfeited and will run at the new time.  We make no promises that a tutor can re-schedule. The re-scheduled time must occur within seven days of the missed time slot. To be fair to our tutors, parents/caregivers are only allowed to do this a maximum of twice in any term. After that, if your child cannot attend a scheduled session, it will be forfeited.
  3. As soon as you know your child cannot attend a tutoring session, please telephone The Lime Zone on 3262 5937 and send an SMS to Michelle on 0417 916 529. If the session relates to one-on-one tuition, you must make contact with your assigned tutor immediately and make new arrangements subject to items 1. and 2. above.
  4. If the tutor is sick or cannot attend and we cannot find a suitable replacement, we will re-schedule that session at a mutually agreeable time.

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