This is a great introductory course and even those who already know their way around the iPad are still likely to learn something new.

Note – This is only for those whose iPads are running iOS 10. To find out what version of iOS you are running, with your iPad switched on and at your home screen, find and click on Settings, scroll down and click on General, then click on About and then scroll down to Version. If the version number starts with a 10, then you are on a release of iOS 10.

We have designed this course especially for Seniors. We use simple language and when required, explain jargon and technical language in simple terms. With a maximum of 12 people in each class, we encourage attendees to ask questions and stop us if you don’t understand something.

This 2.5 hour course will take you through the following items on your iPad with iOS 10 installed:

  • What is an Operating System and why is it needed?
  • The physical parts and buttons on your iPad
  • The screen layout
  • Special gestures
  • What are apps and how to organise them into folders
  • Your iPad settings and some of the things you might need to change
  • Connecting to a wifi network
  • A quick tour of Safari – your web browser
  • Connecting to the App Store and understanding what apps are and why you need them
  • Understanding free versus paid apps
  • Understanding the Newsstand and iBooks

Depending on time, other items may be covered.

Morning or afternoon tea will be provided.

What you need to bring or know:

  1. Bring your own iPad.
  2. Know your Apple ID and password so you can login to the App Store
  3. If you have a four digit pin code that locks your iPad, you should also know that.

Cost: $55.00 per person (including morning or afternoon tea).

If we don’t have any upcoming classes scheduled, please contact us.  If we don’t have any classes scheduled below, but you think you can rally together five or more people, we would be happy to put on a class at The Lime Zone just for you.


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