Maths tuition servicing Clayfield, Ascot, Hendra, Hamilton, Wooloowin, Kedron and the surrounding areas.

At The Lime Zone, we offer several maths tuition options for your child:

  1. one-on-one tuition where we match your child with a tutor who then works with them one-on-one; or
  2. our homework club option where your child works on their homework or works on some activities we’ve set. This is a more independent setting where we have tutors wandering the room offering assistance and checking as required. We can offer help in most subjects.

We have some clients whose child attends a one-on-one session for one hour and then spends the rest of the time in the homework club.

Our maths tuition prices* are extremely competitive.  We only charge $40 to $45 per homework club session (for up to 2.5 hours) depending on whether you book one session per week for the whole term or just a part-term. For one-on-one tuition, we charge from $60 per hour in-centre or $65 per hour in-home. Where we have qualified teachers available, they are charged at $75 per hour (in-centre) or $80 per hour (in-home). * If your child does one hour of one-on-one in-centre and then spends the rest of the afternoon in the homework club, that starts at $75. Our current tutor list can be viewed here. Most of our tutors have strong skills in both maths and English so have the ability to be flexible and help students of all ages.

We do offer:

  • a relaxed environment,
  • friendly tutors, and
  • a bit of fun time during the sessions.

We don’t:

  • offer any formal assessment for our maths tuition but instead rely on you or the child’s teacher to tell us where the gaps are or where a child can be extended. (Our tutors will discover areas of need but it is more efficient if you or your child’s teacher can let us know what they are.)
  • sit your child in front of a computer for the whole session (although we do offer computers and Internet access should their tasks require it), or
  • say you need to bring your child several times a week and get you to pay thousands of dollars in advance.

We believe our tuition model provides a nice balance between getting results and being cost effective.

Whilst we do ask that you book for the term or balance of the term, this is more to keep our tutors happy and to keep our administration time down. Our prices reflect this. For new clients, we ask they pay for two sessions in advance and then we chat to make sure everyone is happy before billing for the balance of the term.  Adhoc tutoring can be done too but is likely to only be available in the later time slots.

* Prices are always subject to change without notice.


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