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The Lime Zone offers one-on-one tuition in English up to and including year 12 level.

Tuition will be offered in one-hour time slots on a ‘pay-by-the-term’ basis in The Lime Zone OR in-home from Monday to Saturday. Adhoc tutoring can be done too but is likely to only be available in the later time slots.

The cost starts at $60 per hour (in-centre) or $65 per hour (in-home) payable by the term or balance of the term. Where we have qualified teachers available, they are charged at $75 per hour (in-centre) or $80 per hour (in-home). * For new clients, we get you to pay for two sessions up front and then we chat to you to make sure you are happy with the service before you continue for the balance of the term.

For those students in grades 2 to 10, and where space is still available, parents can opt to pay an extra $20 per session (payable by the term or balance of the term) to have that same child spend the rest of that afternoon in the after school homework club. *

Tutors will be selected from high-achieving university students (or graduates/teachers) with excellent results in all core subjects including English and deemed to have an outstanding ability to impart their knowledge.

Tutors will work with your child giving them help in any areas in which they need assistance for the subject nominated. If you or your child’s teacher have specific areas that need to be covered, you should convey this to your tutor at your earliest convenience.

Whilst we will schedule the same tutor for your child for the whole term, please understand that there may be circumstances beyond our control that may require us assigning a different tutor part-way through a term.

To keep this price down, there is a strict attendance policy:

  1. If you provide less than 24 hours notice of an inability to attend a session, you will forfeit your session as the tutor still has to be paid.
  2. If you provide more than 24 hours notice of an inability to attend a session and the tutor is able to re-schedule at a mutually agreeable time, the session is not forfeited and will run at the new time.  We make no promises that a tutor can re-schedule. To be fair to our tutors, parents/caregivers are only allowed to do this a maximum of twice in any term. After that, if your child can not attend a scheduled session, it will be forfeited.
  3. As soon as you know your child can not attend a tutoring session, please let your tutor know by contacting them directly. Their contact details are disclosed in the job description area of our tutorcruncher tuition management system and also send an SMS to Michelle on 0417 916 529.
  4. If the tutor is sick or can not attend and we can not find a suitable replacement, we will re-schedule that session at a mutually agreeable time.

If you wish to inquire or book one-on-one tuition please contact Michelle Jansen on 3262 5937 or 0417 916 529.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.


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