School Holiday Programmes

Customised Intensive Maths Programmes for grade 3 through to grade 10 students

The package includes:

  1. An initial diagnostic session – independent, computer-based. Approx. 2 hours. Michelle can split this into two sessions. The diagnostic sessions will detect gaps in learning.
  2. Face-to-face one-on-one sessions with Michelle
  3. Independent practise sessions that the child completes at home using a login Michelle supplies
  4. Bonus: Up to one hour per week of virtual support and guidance with Michelle if issues arise in-between sessions
  5. Final diagnostic session – independent, computer-based. (If required… usually Michelle does this periodically in the face-to-face sessions.)
  6. At the end of the three-week (or your customised course length) course, a report (with some commentary from the teacher) will be provided.


  1. Attend face-to-face and diagnostic sessions in Kenmore Hills.
  2. At your location, the student will need reliable Internet access and a browser and the student must independently (without the teacher) complete at least 30 minutes of practise per day for five days out of each week. 

Upon enrollment, specific dates and times will be organised around everyone’s schedules. Whilst there is some flexibility in this, the programme will work best when one-on-ones and practice sessions are spaced as evenly as possible over the three weeks (or whatever your customised course length is). Research indicates a little bit of practise regularly rather than a lot of practise occasionally produces far greater results.

There will be an emphasis on nurturing the student in the one-on-one sessions so as to build their confidence. “Students learn math best when they approach the subject as something they enjoy.” [Boaler, J.] “Low self-concept of one’s own mathematical ability has a strong effect on increasing maths anxiety.” [Koch, I.] By detecting and finding knowledge and understanding gaps, the programme will help to solidify a student’s mathematical understanding thereby increasing a student’s self-efficacy and self-concept. (To avoid parents or carers contributing to any maths anxiety, the program offers some virtual support via email, text, facetime or Skype should a particular concept need some explaining in-between face-to-face sessions.)

The online practise part of the programme provides optional virtual ‘incentives’ (stickers) which appeal to younger students. The older students may choose not to interact with this feature.

Michelle’s usual rate is $75.00 per hour but a package rate will work out at less than that. Contact Michelle to discuss further and/or book. Mobile: 0417 916 529.


Boaler, J.  “Research shows the best way to learn math”,

Inge, K. “Maths Anxiety – Students, Pre- and In-Service Teachers”, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, December 2018, AMSI ChooseMaths Research, No. 4, 2018

We can provide one-on-one tuition in numeracy or literacy during the school holidays. Just contact Michelle on 0417 916 529 to discuss.


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